Lock, Stock, And some Ron Burgundy

For this Video Assignment, I decided to go with Why So Serious and bring back an old favorite of mine, Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking barrels and dub over words from Ron Burgundy.  I chose this scene because its a pretty serious scene about bluffing a Desert Eagle with replica guns.  I chose Ron Burgundy because a lot (if not all) the statements in that movie make no sense and are all the more funny for it.  The storyline for the scene is simple, the gang comes in, expecting to hold up the one man for something they thing he possesses using nothing but ski masks and fake guns.  The soon find out that the man isn’t buying their bluff and slowly escape with their lives.  If you were to mute the film completely, the video would suggest this based on the body language and facial expression, however, with the new dialogue, it makes less sense, though at some parts, the Ron Burgundy dialogue actually fits.

To create this film, I used http://en.savefrom.net/ to pull down the YouTube videos, one in MP4 form (Lock, Stock, and two smoking barrels) and another in Audio MP4 form (Ron Burgundy) since I was only planning to dub the audio into the video.  I could have use VideoPad Video Editor to extract the audio, however, I chose this approach instead.  Next, I want through the entire Ron Burgundy Audio clip and split it into segments for each phrase used in the YouTube clip.  I detached the audio from the Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels clip so that I could still use some of the original clip sounds (music, footsteps, glass setting on a table, etc).  All together, the audio dubs over fairly decently.  The darkness in the video clip make the mouth movements less distinct, which allows more flexibility around the mouth shape and the actual words being dubbed over.  With other videos, the character’s mouth movement was prominent, that some words wouldn’t fit the motion of the mouth on the screen.




UPDATE:  This scene was actually taken from “Snatch” and equally awesome movie!



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