Lock Stock and Two Smoking Pokemons

This Audio Assignment focuses on creating a mashup of two films.  I took the films Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and mixed it up with clips from the Pokemon Movie.  I inserted replies from the Pokemon to Rory Breaker’s rant where he goes on a rant about various scenarios where he will kill Nick (the Greek).  

I thought this would be a pretty funny mix.  Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels is one of my favorite movies and definitely not without its share of swear words, so I was surprised that this Rory Breaker rant only had one swear word (which I carefully edited out).  I thought that a dialogue mashup with the a cute G-rated movie would create an stark contrast between the image of cute and cuddly, cold and threatening.  The most difficult thing about this assignment was finding an appropriate dialogue.  Since Rory Breaker’s scene is really a monologue (because Nick the Greek is too scared to speak back), it was perfect for inserting Pokemon sound bites as rebuttal and concerned reactions.

In the process of creating this mashup, I had difficulty download straight clips from these movies.  As a work around, I ended up using my sound recorder to record the sound bites straight off the speakers of my computer.  Once I captured the sound bites, I simple cut and paste the different segments within different Audacity tracks.  The Rory Breaker track was one continuous sound bite, which I cut up into pieces to fit in the Pokemon sound bites.


4 thoughts on “Lock Stock and Two Smoking Pokemons

  1. This is fantastic as it is one of the harder assignments. And I agree, the mashing up of dialogue from two different genres works so well here. You did a lot of great work here, the “more-ier the merrier”. And despite not knowing how to download YouTube (which we do this week, the tool you want is http://savefrom.net), your end around works cleanly. I would not have known had you not described your steps.

    I am really pleased and impressed with your creativity here. Excellent!

    • Savefrom.net…good to know! I usually use a Chrome plug-in called DownloadHelper, however it’s download function recognizes restrictions on certain sites, such as YouTube.com, and refuse my attempts to gather (locally) the gold that is (at least sometimes) YouTube.

  2. This is such an awesomely bizarre mashup. I love Lock Stock and have a soft spot for Pokemon so I naturally found this just ridiculous in the best way possible. Way to have fun with it, this really made me laugh.

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