Lions and Tigers and…well…just a Lion, Oh My! (Chaplin-Foley)

Audio tracks starts at 2:31 in the YouTube clip

For this exercise, we looked at the Foley technique and used what we learned in the previous assignment, building on our skill with audio editing to sync with video.  Based on our birth month, we divided up a Charlie Chaplin clip and generated our own sounds and dialogue to accompany the silent film.

This assignment was a little trickier because I had to toggle back and forth between the YouTube video and the Audacity software to start the tracks at the same time.  I would start the YouTube video at an earlier start time and then quickly swap to the Audacity project and start the audio there.  Pretty interesting bringing the silent film to life with some audio, Mystery Science Theatre 3000 style.

In order to prepare for this exercise, I first charted out the clip time (The true time in the Chaplin clip) and the Index time (the actual time on the Audacity project time scale).  I then watched the clip several times to capture the necessary sound effect in the “Sound Effect” column.  Once I determined that the sound effects were mapped out adequately, I proceeded to take my sound recorder to capture the sounds:

  • a paper bag = to create the rustling sound
  • shoes pounding on a doormat for the footstep sounds
  • my bathroom doorknob for the opening door sounds
  • my voice for the woman, man, and lion sounds

I spliced and copied the footsteps to reuse the sounds.  I also used the “Amplify” function to tone down the sound since my recorder seems to be extremely sensitive.  I had to trim some of the dialog sound bits to fit in the time slot, so that the audio track could stay in sync with the video.  I also tried getting both the embedded YouTube and SoundCloud clips to start simultaneously, but couldn’t figure out how to get the YouTube to autostart, though I did get it to start at the 2:31 mark.

Index Time Clip Time Sound Effect
:00 2:31 Rustle & Footsteps running
:01 2:32
:02 2:33 Are you Ok?
:03 2:34 Just Dandy!
:04 2:35
:05 2:36
:06 2:37
:07 2:38 Footsteps running
:08 2:39
:09 2:40 Door open
:10 2:41
:11 2:42 Aren’t you scared of being in there with the lion?
:12 2:43 Scared of the lion? He’s not too bad.
:13 2:44 When are you planning to come out?
:14 2:45 Why? Look, he’s adoooorable! One second…
:15 2:46
:16 2:47
:17 2:48
:18 2:49
:19 2:50
:20 2:51
:21 2:52 Hey kitty kitty!
:23 2:54 Footsteps running
:24 2:55

One thought on “Lions and Tigers and…well…just a Lion, Oh My! (Chaplin-Foley)

  1. An excellent effort to manufacture and augment the sound track. Do not worry about the exactness, the activity was meant to give you an appreciation for what Foley Artists do, and also to practice some inventiveness in making sounds. You got that!

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