Hello, Goodbye Gus-topher Robin (Sound Effect Story)

Screenshot of my first Audacity creation

Screenshot of my first Audacity creation

This exercise focused on building my familiarity with the sound recording, audio editing/mixing using Audacity to pull together a story (using previous course concepts), and finally upload the story to my newly created SoundCloud account.  The goal of this exercise was to take a collection of my own clips, along with clips available online (I used Freesounds), and merge them into a sound effect story.

This weekend I took a trip down to Durham, North Carolina to visit my 5 month old nephew and my sister.  We planned to enjoy the spring time weather and go to Easter Mass.  I decided that this would be the perfect story to capture with sound and captured sound bits as the weekend went along.  The shape of the story was fairly symmetrical with my boarding a bus, arriving to Gus’ baby talk, attending mass, walking in the park, and then leaving to board the bus back to DC (with Gus’ upset cries in the background).

I used my iPhone and my old Sony IC Recorder ICD-UX71 to collect sounds over the weekend.  Unfortunately, Audacity didn’t take the .mp4 files straight off my iPhone so I had to use an online converter to convert those files into .WAV files ready for editing.  I started by laying out the different parts of the story spine and filled them in with sound bits as I captured them:

  • The Beginning (bus, door, coins, vroom)
  • The Event (Door, Steps, Baby laugh, Mass)
  • The Middle (walking on park gravel, sound of birds, sound of a creek, Gus gurgling in the background)
  • The Climax (My footsteps, door opening, street sounds, Gus whimpering)
  • The End (Boarding the bus, engine idle, vroom)

4 thoughts on “Hello, Goodbye Gus-topher Robin (Sound Effect Story)

  1. Awwww Gus does not want to to go back to DC! There is a lot here that I like about your first Audacity effort, how you mixed sounds you recorded and ones you found on Freesounds, figuring out how to convert the sound files, and how it really works together as a whole.

    Great story!

    • Ahh…interesting. I was going for a story where Gus is happy to see ME arrive and sad to see ME leave (since he and my sister live in Durham, NC). I guess it’s harder to provide that context without the visual component and a dialogue of some sort.

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