Week 4 – Summary

This week we wrapped up our week on visual story telling by looking at visual design, paying close attention to various design elements, cataloging instances of these elements in our daily life, throughout the past week.  We looked to explore the meaning of designs through a design safari and design assignments from the Assignment Bank.  I took less concentrated (read “last minute”) approach to the exercises this week and spread out the design exercises and design safari throughout the week so I could think about the concepts and let them sink in, marinate.  

For the design exercises, I chose to design a Children’s Computer Book and took a swing at turning one of my favorite movies in to 4 icons.  Using constructive feedback, I made some adjustments to my initial drafts to arrive at more-perfect artifacts, using Pixlr.com to make some minor, yet “non-powerpoint” edits.  Living in the consulting world, I realized that I have become too reliant on jerry-rigging powerpoint to be more than it probably should be.

For the Design safari, I found myself taking pictures that would have been great for last week’s exercise and had to remind myself I had specific design elements to pursue:  Color, Typography, and Metaphor.  Again, I found myself gravitating to DuPont Circle, but managed to leave NW and snap a shot down in SouthWest at Navy Yard during a weekend trip to the park.  Using Pixlr.com, I added a little “flavor” to the pictures before providing the background and specifics on what stood out for me in these images.

And finally, we continued in our pursuit of storied and non-storified media.  I reached back to an NPR article that struck me as an “interesting” (read: laughable, meme-able) story about Senator Mitch McConnell.  I looked at a seemingly arbitrarily formed mash-up of “Mitch serving Kentuckians”  and identified the core message Team Mitch wanted to relay to the audience, however, I saw opportunity to improve the message by adding distinct “events” in the story that could lead to the definitive end, which would be “Mitch serving Kentuckians by having done X, Y, and Z.”  I also suggested that some strategic video editing goes a long way to engaging the audience…using a somewhat relevant example, of matching video clip transitions to the music transitions.


One thought on “Week 4 – Summary

  1. You did fantastic work this week, and I appreciate the extra effort on the first versions of your design assignments. In fact, its good that you show both versions, as it show the development of the idea.

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