Week 4 – Storify Mr. McConnell

Back to the storyfying quest…As part of my morning get-ready-for-work schedule, I queue of recent audio posts on NPR to listen to and get caught up on the world, as NPR defines current events.   I recall listening to a piece about an “interesting” advertisement that Senator Mitch McConnell had recently released.  The article pointed out how there was no actually messaging print or spoken but a series of scenes where Mitch engages the community, his staff, and his family, all to the backdrop of cheesy (my words) music.

This attracted my attention because, frankly, I thought it was funny and random.  I think Team Mitch got what it wanted by attracting attention, albeit in the form of ridicule and mockery.  What is it they say, “Mockery (imitation) is the finest form of flattery?”

In terms of introducing story elements, I watched the piece and paid attention to potential order, elements that might hint a core message that would say this then that then this then “vote for Mitch.”  What I saw was just a a series of clips that seemed to be arbitrarily pieced together, with the unifying theme that Mitch works with and for Kentuckians.  Simple really, but what I could be improved by:

  • Adding some story spine elements that highlight different community and civic engagement themes as “events.”  For example, group all the baby kissing and coal worker handshakes as a distinct “event” grouping, then move onto the scenes in the office space as  another group, ultimately wrapping up the piece with shots of Mitch cutting ribbons, signing legislation, and other “viola” moments.
  • The scenes could also be cut and transitioned to match the transitions in the background music. Strategic editing goes a long way…Here’s a PERFECT example of such editing and sequencing.



2 thoughts on “Week 4 – Storify Mr. McConnell

  1. Great ideas! I also found the advertisement kind of random. Without any story line capturing my interest, I got bored pretty quick and didn’t even bother to watch the whole thing. I think you have some strong ideas as to how this could be storified, but another would be to add text over the videos to tell the story. This would still require a story spine, but rather then reediting his clips, the story could be overlayed over the current order and focused on more general themes, rather than specific events. Some thoughts as you think through the assignment!

  2. As odd as the commercial sounded and the following pileup it got from Jon Stewart, it seemed like McConnell played right along with it.

    I almost might imagine a story where the whole thing is planned by McConnell as a genius way to create publicity, sympathy for all the abuse he got. That makes his smile so more devious 😉

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