Week 4 – Design Safari – Yee Haw

For the Design Safari, carried my camera around with me this week, collecting images that aligned with the different the different themes we reviewed as part of this week’s topic material.  Below, I’ve embedded three images along with summary of the elements and what makes them effective.  I’ve also linked the titles to the actual Flickr site location. I also entered these found examples in the design elements document using the handle, @apogipinoy

Symbols & Metaphor

Monument Realty “Eat” sign

Wall Advertisement Outside National Stadium

Wall Advertisement Outside National Stadium

I took this picture on my way down from the Navy Yard Metro to Nationals Stadium, down Half street, posted on the temporary walls.  The image of a plate and eating utensil symbols automatically drew me to the conclusion that the sign was about eating.  The simple words “Eat” confirmed that thought.  This sign was part of a series of signs that used symbols to reference “Eat, Sleep, Shop” as part of Monument Realty’s advertising effort to get National’s fans to think about what a future housing development could provide them.


Krispy Kreme Doughnut Sign

Krispy Kreme Donut @DuPont Circle

Krispy Kreme Donut @DuPont Circle

I took this picture just after dusk.  It is the neon window sign in the window of the Krispy Kreme Doughnut shop and glows red, giving the impression of a branding iron, red hot as it’s pulled from the coals of a fire.  The color strikes up that image of hot and, along with the placement of the word “HOT” within a circular doughnut sign, pulls my imagination to the hot doughnuts, fresh out of the fryer.


Golden Triangle

 Trash can @DuPont Circle

Trash can @DuPont Circle

I took this at the intersection of DuPont Circle and Connecticut Avenue around dusk.  The image is posterized to emphasize the connection between the words “GOLDEN,” the golden triangle in the sign, and the golden glow of early evening lights.  The action words “Keep the streets” are stretched and sized to the same width as the word “GOLDEN,” providing a foundation upon which the actual image of the golden triangles sits. The capitalization and framing of the word Golden, along with the visual representation emphasize the subject, despite being part of a sign affixed to a trash receptacle, an object not typically identified as “golden.”


3 thoughts on “Week 4 – Design Safari – Yee Haw

  1. I really like the images you selected as well as your write-up. In particular, you caught the “Golden Triangle” at just the perfect time of night. It really does look like a golden road that you want to keep clean. The Krispy Kreme sign also reminds me of a story my best friend told me after her first semester away at school. In Michigan, we didn’t have Krispy Kreme donuts until recently. So, she explained to me that when the “Hot Donuts” sign came on, it had the same effect as a bug to a bug zapper…she knew she shouldn’t go but she just couldn’t help it!

    • Ha! I like the bug zapper imagery! That is pretty funny, imaging all the night-crawlers (drunkards) roaming the street at night with blank stares and crazy cases of the 2am munchies.

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