Week 4 – Design Assignment #2 – “You better tuck that in…it might get stuck on a trip wire…”

Adjusted April 13, 2014


A few weeks ago, I was browsing Amazon Prime On-Demand movie listing and came across the movie title graphic for Forrest Gump, an image of a man sitting alone on park bench looking up into space.

 I remembered that this was one of my favorite movies for a lot of different reasons, one of which how the movie passes through so many different parts of US history, from the Kennedy assassination, Vietnam War, Watergate, and the inception of Apple.  The way the movie was shot, with a dialog mixed in a combination of retrospect and present day context provided a set of key, consistent  icons for this assignment.


I chose the “One Story / Four Icons” assignment to capture the movie in four icons. First, I chose the image of running shoes because the movie phrase “Run Forrest, Run” echos in my head as words teammates would use to make fun of each other, referencing how Forrest just kept running.  I chose the park bench because that was the platform Forrest used to share the first part of his story.  As he jumped from story to story, Forrest and the park bench were the constant as strangers came and went.  Another constant was Forrest’s reference to his mother and how “life is like a box of chocolates.”  The last image, an image of a shrimp, aims to strike up memory of the shrimping business that Forrest and his Vietnam War buddy Bubba planned to start but that Forrest had to start on his own when Bubba died.  This image lasts on today in the form of a number of Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurants that played off the movie’s popularity.


I used the same approach that I used for Design Assignment #1.  I did a web search for the images and arranged/resized them on a PowerPoint slide.  I inserted a text box to frame the icons and inserted the title text.  I then took a screenshot and saved the file as a .jpg file.


One thought on “Week 4 – Design Assignment #2 – “You better tuck that in…it might get stuck on a trip wire…”

  1. A good collection of symbols of the movie, they might go together like peas and carrots? I love so many things about that movie; I rarely re-watch movies and this is one I have seen several times. It almost makes fun of itself and says a lot about life at the same time.

    I might suggest not having the name of the movie in the graphic; it is more fun to show someone the four icons and see if they can identify the movie. What if you only had 3, or 2, or even 1, which would it be?

    One thing as a advanced design concept to think about, not necessarily a criticism, but because the icons were taken from different places, they all have a different style– so it becomes ore obvious they were assembled, not designed. Can you think of ways you could make them more in the same style? one approach is to saturate them, make them all black and white. There is a limit of what you can do for graphic editing in Powerpoint, it is more of an assembler. A more advanced image editing program might enable you to use filters/effects (ones that trace the outlines, or convert them to look like sketches) could make them go together.

    Also, “a web search for icons” or “found on google” does not give credit for the media. Try to keep track of where you find the images that you use so you can give proper credit. I really like those shoes as an icon, but if I read your post, I would be left to search myself.

    These are mostly things to help you think about design. It’s one thing to satisfy the assignment, but I hope you think a bit beyond the assignment beyond this course.

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