Week 4 – Design Assignment #1 – “Save” your Thoughts, Save the World!

Adjusted April 13, 2014



For this week’s assignment, I chose to create a Children’s bookcover, I had a conversation with a friend the other day about the world of computing from our eyes and how it differs from what the current high school generation is going through.  One of the thing we noted was that the universal “Save” icon is the image off a floppy disk.  We recognized that we all KNEW the meaning of this image because we used 3.5″ floppy disks, once upon a time.  However, I haven’t seen a floppy disk since the 2000’s (yes, the 2000’s) when USB flash disks started.  Thinking about how imagery relays meeting, we also noted desktops, the image used to represent My Computer, no longer exists in that form with laptops and tablets becoming more commonplace in the 2010s.  


This conversation made me think about what a children’s computing book would look like and so I chose the assignment, “Computer Books for Kids.”  I chose to design a cover that used simple imagery that references the process of saving and opening thoughts to the world.  I used the world as a core image because I felt it represented a fundamental object of curiosity as we learn early in our primary education where we fit relative to others around the world.  I colored the word “World” with alternating green and blue letters to connect the reader to the green and blue image of the globe. I used Comic Sans as the text because, well, the format of the book is a comic and would likely use a comic format simple, possibly faceless, figures exploring the world and cataloging images captured in thought bubbles.  The main mechanism would be to press the Save button (floppy disk icon) to save the image into the character’s head.  


To create this cover, I searched for images from the web and pasted them in to PowerPoint.  I used the arrow objects and text box objects in PowerPoint.  I made sure that the web images I used had transparent backgrounds so that I could more easily overlap images (otherwise, the white background on one image would block out an adjacent image).  Once I arranged the images and text appropriately, I used the SnagIt screenshot program on my computer to save the image.  I save the file as a .jpg file



2 thoughts on “Week 4 – Design Assignment #1 – “Save” your Thoughts, Save the World!

  1. Your explanation of the idea definitely helps me understand the idea behind the design; it is a great topic as to how old symbols get carried into the present. And it can be understood by people who never used the thing symbolized.

    The design elements are good choices and explained well; but my question is– does this look like a book cover? What is missing (e.g. an author, name of a publisher, a seal that says “Award Winning?”) Look at real book covers for elements that might make it pass more for a book cover.

    I cannot tell you not to use PowerPoint, as in a way it does allow you to layer and overlap. It does the job, but to me, it feels a bit flat as a design. Something in the background (a pattern, an image with transparency turned on) might give it more depth. And I think you should be able to export from Powerpoint as a JPG or PNG, but snagging a screen cap does the job fine.

    Also, and I am going to be expecting this soon, you should link to the assignment this is in response to. A reader not knowing the context of the class would have no idea what the assignment is. Plus, if the link is there, they could go and see this post listed as an example.

    I really like the idea and thinking behind this, and that is what counts the most.

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