Week 3 – See Them: Storified and Non Storified Content

Nike Run

Write another blog post summarizing what you found that might or might not work for something that could use a story approach to make it more effective. Explain why you chose it. Even if you are not sure if it will work, keep the ideas going.



When I think about images that could benefit from a story approach, I think of billboards. Some billboards are straight forward with a specific message literally spelled out for the audience, while others are more abstract. Though there is no absolute way to guess how your audience is going to perceive or interpret a message or phrase, advertisers still try their best to get the one’s that matter. But what if they could get the ones that matter…and then some, but applying a story approach to the image. Basically, turn an image into a series of images, a video, a movie…

The Nike Run sign is interesting because it everyone will catch the literal “wall” that one would run into if they were to follow the road portrayed in the billboard. After getting over the humor of someone running into the wall, literally perhaps, there isn’t much more to this sign…just a road. Perhaps a different approach to the image would be having the image of a person bursting through the canvas of the current road image, or actually including a wall into the image showing a person literally breaking through the wall. The alternative would be a narrated commercial that speaks to the message, guiding the audience through the beginning (the runner), the event (the wall), the climax (breaking through the wall, figuratively/literally), and the end (insert life lesson here).

This wouldn’t be Nike’s first date with the road…


2 thoughts on “Week 3 – See Them: Storified and Non Storified Content

  1. Interesting idea. So is that entire image the billboard, or is the billboard the part that looks like the scenery it is set in?

    Nike is doing an extremely understated ad here (like you say, some message of going through our own walls of barrier). You are saying it would be more effective if it was more explicit, or developed? or perhaps a series of wall encounters?

    Keep on looking and thinking, that is the goal here.

  2. The billboard is the bit that looks like the scenery around it. I think the ad works really well for this setting because it blends in so well with the setting and the fact that it is literally a wall, though which one might run. As a billboard suspended aside a freeway, it might not be as obvious and could be presented more explicitly. A series of wall encounters would be pretty interesting, utilizing a “flip book” approach. I’ve actually seen this before, in the BART tunnel between San Francisco and Oakland. http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/SAN-FRANCISCO-BART-OKs-test-of-ads-in-tunnels-2694589.php

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