Week 3 – Visual Assignment – Splash the Color


I pulled this from my earlier Photoblitzing Safari exercise. It was the image that was “dominated by one color” and so I thought it would flip the original intent and mute that dominating color to see what was left behind. The effect was a blue emphasis on SunTrust shaded in the afternoon sun. Though the original yellow brick color was taken out of the picture, what did persist, however, was the repeating pattern of brick upon brick. This actually had the effect of emphasizing the isolation of the blue SunTrust sign.

This exercises and reminded me of one of my first experiences, or at least notable experiences, with color splashing was the movie Amelie, which was dominated by earthy tones of yellow, red, and brown. In the case of the film, it was a modified color splashing, where instead of taking all the color away, you have the dominant colors that establish the base norm. Throughout the movie, the director would occasionally throw in a random blue object. It was never an object of importance to the storyline, but it was something that had an indirect effect, if anything to tease the audiences perception of the current reality.



One thought on “Week 3 – Visual Assignment – Splash the Color

  1. Good effort with this and I like seeing the connection with color how used in Amelie. How do you see using this as a visual method? What does it do to the bank to highlight the color of the sign— you used the word “isolate” is this a larger suggestion of the image of a bank?

    See my comments on previous post about including info on the original assignment. I’d also like to see a bit more on how you did this effect, what software, methods.

    Can you ever see a use for this in anything else?

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