Week 3 – Visual Assignment – A Whole New World


I chose to use an image a friend sent me from the fresh fallen snow in the Alps and an image of my family in the sunny yet frigid winter in Durham, North Carolina. I combined them because the temperature was the same in both places, so the winter attire we were wearing in Durham was also suitable for the slopes in Switzerland. I used the online photo-editing software Pixlr and the Lasso tool to basically carve the section of my family from one photo and insert it over my friends image in the other.


One thought on “Week 3 – Visual Assignment – A Whole New World

  1. This is a great concept to connect two places you may not think of as going together, bonded by the temperature (of one day). The family looks pretty happy to be in switzerland.

    And that was some clean lasso-ing to remove the background. Learning how to select out backgrounds goes a long way in assembling these types of images. You might look to nudge the contrast/brightness of the family down a bit as its a tad brighter than the Alps scene.

    Do you see the way the assignment tags work? Now your blog post is listed as an example on the left side.

    Please remember to include in the assignment a link to the original assignment and a praphrasing of it, so a reader knows what it is in response too. Also, so the week’s instructions for the way you can have a larger image uses in your blog post (chose a different size then “medium” when uploading the photo)- the picture looks better filling the width of the blog content area.

    The North Carolina Alps looks like the place to be!

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