Week 3 – Photoblitzing Safari



For this activity, I chose DuPont Circle because there is always a lot of activity happening there.  The interaction of the circle with asymmetrical, yet perpendicular lines creates an interesting dynamic of lines and curves.  Additionally, it acts as centralized social hub, bringing with it a variety of people, animals, architecture, and “noise.”  All this considered, I knew I’d be able to find what I needed in slim 15 minute window given to this activity.

Despite the proximity advantage of DuPont Circle, I soon realized that it wasn’t just location that factored in to the photo safari, but also time of day.  Continuing along that though, hunters usually choose their time of day carefully, depending on the prey.  In this case, “hunting” in mid-day was not conducive to hunting shadows, but there were plenty of shoes and feet to shoot.

The photos that worked the best were the ones that involved inanimate objects because I was able to manipulate them as opposed to capturing the a moving object (birds) or approach 3rd parties (a girl with her suspicious boyfriend).  In particular, I was proud of how I turned an orange and some twigs into a live stick man.  It’s amazing what you think of when you’re racing the clock.


2 thoughts on “Week 3 – Photoblitzing Safari

  1. I see a lot of imagination and creativity at work here- plus your idea of the ideas of radiating lines at DuPont makes for a good set up of your photo set. That’s a great observation about time of day, and while there are great colors and shadow angles early and late in the day (sometimes called “the golden hour”) it does not preclude making use of strong overhead light mid-day.

    It’s also amazing what you can do when you let the mind go into creative mode.

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