Week 2 – Storified and Non Storified Content (part deux)

For this week’s go at identifying storified and non storified content, I took a look at a site I’ve watched evolve over the past three years, Window Farming.  One upon a time the site, as I recall, was single page with embedded video clips and links to schematics on how to construct a window farm.  Today, the structure of the website is comprised of multiple text modules sub-stories that follow the top menu, from left to right.  Starting from the left, the site provides the “what” the “who” and then the “how” through a series of sub stories.  Though there is no sound here, there is an emphasis on simple, animated figures to augment the text that goes in to explaining what the technology actually is (and how it works) as well as what can be grown.  The site I remembered followed more of a storyline, emphasizing the background and how two women in the middle of NYC were just thinking of way to bring more veggies into their lives.  The intent of the story at the time was to get more people interested, build the community, and crowdsource new additions to the idea.  This story isn’t gone, but it is condensed into the top-right module in the “about” page. Today, more focus is on selling, each sub-story linked from the first drop down menu, leads to  an invitation to get started.  At the same time, as one moves to the right along the main menu bar, additional substories that provide access to the community but also instructions on how to build a farm yourself.  There multiple stories and substories that this site provides (descriptive, historical, instructional).  What stands out most to me is that it now includes a very prominent “how to buy” path that parallels the original Do-it-Yourself (DIY) path.

I’ve included the image below to illustrate the parallel paths.







One thought on “Week 2 – Storified and Non Storified Content (part deux)

  1. This has a lot of potential for your project, especially as you have scouted out that a single site as a story can have different shapes/paths for different visitors. The project is not going to be redoing their site, but thinking of some way that a story line and media might be perhaps an intro to the site, or something to help people find what they want.

    At first glance to me, the site is aimed at someone who already has an interest and likely knowledge of windowfarming, lesser so at trying to raise interest. It seems like a lot of explanatory information (well designed) but is there a character here? It seems more neutral– this is not a criticism of the site, which has a clean design, but a way to think about what a layer of story or a side booth of it, might add (or not).

    This could be the One for your project, excellent work.

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