Your Starting Perspective on What is Story (Part II)

Then, expand on what it might mean to introduce the word “digital”? What changes, is different, or is the same? What do you see or think of when we say “digital storytelling”  Finally, add the ideas you got from listening to this week’s videos by Ira Glass and Andrew Stanton- what, if any, might influence your thoughts on the implication of storytelling for the types of communication you do.

Introducing the word “digital” to my previous description of “storytelling” assigns the act to a specific medium.  Adapting digital to my campfire example would be difficult since I used it to describe the core act of story telling.  Digital storytelling further defines the act by assigning a criterion that the act should occur through a particular medium or method.  Related to the Glass and Stanton’s ideas, digital storytelling offers a number  of tools that allows the writer to engage the audience on different levels where as the campfire example might be limited to intonation, pause, and a single voice.  Digital medium and content allows the write to present Glass’ anecdotes and Stanton’s promises that keeps the audience guessing, wondering about what comes next.

In the world of consulting, Glass and Stanton’s concepts are very present, though tend to be packaged in a series of slides (or in some cases a slide) and with significant constraints and focus, depending on the context.  For example, pitching a new idea, requires that you make sure the audience knows you’re not wasting their time, while at the same time using a value proposition to stir anticipation of the final recommendation slide.  Though there can be significant flexibility than the story telling Glass and Stone refer to, the general structure and approach holds true.


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